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Axiom Team Members have experience in building bulk commodity silos from small to very large in size. We have facilities suitable to build silos up to 24′ in diameter and 100′ long.

Custom Built for every application with complete flexibility of design. Free Standing Tower Systems are designed to accommodate any size or number of bucket elevators. The towers are engineered and built to withstand the harshest wind and weather conditions without the need for obstructing guy cables.

Custom Built for every application with complete flexibility of design. Prefabricated, Multi-cell Bins for complete versatility.

Built to CWB W47.1 and W59.

RMX Portable Silo

The portable silo is able to provide 1,475 cubic feet (approx. 65 tons) of powder storage. The portable silo is equipped with hydraulic rams that allow it to be set up within minutes.

Cement Silos
  • Capacity: 1,472 cubic feet
  • 10" discharge augers
  • Auger drive 20 H.P.
  • Silo Top Dust collection 
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Air ride suspension
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • DOT lighting
Additional Features
  • Aeration systems
  • Silo interior man ladder
  • Silo hydraulically raised to work position
  • Quick connects for air and hydraulics to main plant
  • Components greaseable from ground level
  • Natural rubber cement sock
  • 2" x 4" cement fill lines 


Multi Cell Bins


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