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Our advanced problem solving skills and spirit of innovation have afforded us the ability to customize our products. Creating tailored concrete batch plants that meet the operational needs of your project have always been our specialty, but a recent client pushed this challenge to the limits. 


Introducing: the SLS 103SC

The First Portable Batch Plant that Fits Inside a Sea-Can

At Reliable Mix, we don’t just sell premium concrete plants, we develop and deliver high performance solutions, using cutting-edge technology, with exceptional service. Problem-solving and innovation form the foundation of our approach to customization: we partner with you to create tailored, concrete batch plants that meet your operational needs. Because of our achievements in design and development, we’re proud to announce our newest product: the industry’s first portable concrete batch plant that fits inside a sea-can.

We’ve always stood out in the industry because we seek out our customer’s specific, operational needs and welcome modifications to create a customized product. When our customer in Suriname, South America was unable to find a company that would work with their needs, they asked us to work with them to create a custom, mobile concrete batch plant, and we were thrilled to take on the challenge. We had planned to design a portable plant that fits in a sea container, but it wasn’t until they invited us to assist them that were we able to make the dream a reality. They needed a smaller-scale yet efficient batch plant that could still handle big projects. And they needed us to ship it cost-effectively to South America.

The portable batch plant can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage in the sea-can during off-season.

"We’ve always stood out in the industry because we seek out our customer’s specific, operational needs and welcome modifications to create a customized product."

Complete with three expandable aggregate bins and a silo, the SLS 103SC is close to half the size of the SLS 150 and yields about 70% of its production capacity. Fitting into an 8’6” wide x 40’ long x 9’6” tall sea-can, the portable batch plant offers affordable shipping overseas and is made-to-order in 8-10 weeks. An added feature of the portable batch plant is that it can be quickly and easily dismantled and securely stored in the sea-can during off-season, a valuable option for operations in extreme climates. As with all our batch plant models, the SLS 103SC also includes customizable options: colour finishes to reflect your brand, walkways, a crane/winch electric lift, and a computer batch system— all of which can save you costs in either manual labour or production time.

Beginning with ongoing back-and-forth discussion to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s operations, problems, and goals, we nailed down which of our models we wanted to use as the foundation for the design: our SLS 150 batch plant. From there, our design team worked tirelessly to modify the original model, tailoring it to fit inside a sea-can with little compromise on its production capacity and the same efficiency our full-size models offer. When we went down to Surinam to assist with the installation and equipment set-up, they’d already done most of the work – setting up the portable plant is that easy!


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