The Top 6 Benefits of a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

A mobile concrete batching plant is the most efficient way to supply your project with the concrete needed to get the job done right. Besides the obvious convenience of having concrete production located right on site, there are a number of other positives to utilizing this solution.

Why Use A Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Cost Savings

While you may assume that having a mobile concrete batching plant on site would increase expenses, it’s actually a more cost-effective strategy.

Transporting concrete can be difficult, and you pay a premium to do so. Because of this, in many cases, it’s cheaper to produce concrete on-site.

Mobile concrete batching plants generally require fewer people to operate than traditional concrete solutions, which provide additional savings. And because they only produce the amount of concrete needed for a specific job, there are less wasted materials.

The installation cost is also much lower for mobile solutions, compared to stationary batching plants. If you plan to produce a large amount of concrete in the same place for a long period of time, a mobile batching plant is definitely the better financial option.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

If you plan to produce a large amount of concrete in the same place for a long period of time, a mobile batching plant is definitely the better financial option.

"If you plan to produce a large amount of concrete in the same place for a long period of time, a mobile batching plant is definitely the better financial option"

Better Quality Concrete

There’s another drawback to transporting concrete, and that’s a lack of quality. By producing on-site, you ensure your concrete is always fresh. Concrete can be poured where it’s required within minutes after being batched, ensuring a better quality product.

Concrete can be poured up to 90 minutes after it’s mixed, but the sooner it’s poured the better. This is a huge disadvantage for concrete that’s being transported to a job site. Plus, if there are any delays during transport the concrete may be rejected if it goes beyond the 90 minutes.

The concrete can also get exposed to elements like heat and dampness during transportation, which can negatively impact quality.

Can Be Used for Big or Small Jobs

No job is the same. Some projects are large and require months of work, while others are short and may only last a day or two. Luckily, Reliable Mix mobile concrete batching plants are the perfect solution in both scenarios.

With the ability to produce large amounts of concrete as needed, these solutions are more than capable of keeping up with the demands of a larger project.

If you only need a small amount of concrete for a one-off job, a mobile batching plant is the best option. You only produce as much concrete as you need eliminating any wasted materials or added costs.

Access to Remote Locations

Projects don’t always have the luxury of being close to a city centre. Sometimes they’re located in a rural or remote area. Other times you might need to complete a project in an area that’s hard to access.

This can make supplying your project with concrete difficult. Transporting concrete to areas like these often results in high costs, delays, and a poor quality product.

In these sorts of situations, mobile concrete batching plants are an excellent solution. They can be transported virtually anywhere, meaning you can have concrete production right on site no matter where the project.


Increased Flexibility

Mobile concrete batching plants are extremely versatile and provide you with many more options than traditional concrete solutions.

Setting up the plant is quick and easy, which means you can start and stop production as needed. Because the plant is mobile, it can be moved around the job site wherever it's required, which is a much more efficient way to pour concrete.

Design mixes are also easy to change on the fly so there’s no need to worry about downtime or wasted materials. Simply make adjustments as needed to keep your job running smoothly and efficiently.

Less Waste and Environmental Impact

Mobile concrete batching plants aren’t just good for you and your business, they’re better for the environment too.

These solutions produce only the amount of concrete needed for a specific task. This means there’s less leftover concrete that will be wasted when the job is complete.

On the other hand, traditional stationary batch plants often produce large amounts of excess concrete that will have to be disposed of. Not only does this negatively impact the environment, but it also increases costs as businesses have to pay for disposal and excess.

Mobile concrete batching plants also result in fewer harmful emissions. Drum trucks used to transport concrete to job sites must stay running during the entire trip to prevent it from setting. This produces a large number of emissions.

Not only do mobile concrete batching plants require less transportation, but because concrete can be poured right away they don’t need to constantly be running. Instead, they can be shut down whenever they aren’t needed, making them far better for the environment.

    Reliable Mix Portable Batching Plants Are the Best Solution for Your Business

    For most jobs, a mobile concrete batching plant makes the most sense. They help cut costs, produce better quality concrete, are easy to use, can be operated virtually anywhere, and are better for the environment. If you’d like more information about Reliable Mix Portable batching plants, feel free to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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